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New Patients

Our paediatricians are taking new patients, but please note there is a waiting time of 4-6 months. You can ask to be put onto a cancellation list for an earlier time.

New patients must send through a referral (does not need to be addressed to one of the paediatricians at Yarra Trail Medical) for triage before an appointment can be offered.

To ensure you can receive a Medicare rebate, please make sure you have a valid referral. A referral from a GP is usually valid for 12 months, and a referral from another specialist is valid for 3 months. A new problem will require a new referral in order to obtain a Medicare rebate. A referral must be dated and cannot be backdated. We can accept referrals addressed to other paediatricians, but only if they have not been used previously.  

Face to Face Appointments

All appointments are face-to-face appointments. A telehealth appointment may be appropriate at the discretion of the paediatrician, but this will be charged as per the face-to-face appointment schedule.

Initial and Review Appointments

In the initial consultation we will go through a detailed history about your child. This will include your current concerns, past medical history, family history and developmental history. This is followed by a physical examination including measurements (height, weight) and a general body examination with focus on the areas of concern. We will then sit down and discuss possible diagnoses, further investigations required, management plans and follow-up.

If there are developmental or behavioural concerns, a full assessment may likely require up to three appointments, pending previous assessments and reports. Parent/carer/teacher questionnaires may be given to you to complete prior to the second appointment where the developmental assessment will be completed. Diagnoses and management plans for the third appointment where a report will be made available to you.

The initial consultation length will be at least 45 minutes.

Standard review consultations will be about 30 min. Review appointments to complete a developmental assessment will be about 45 min.

Private Billing 
Yarra Trail Medical is a private billing medical clinic. EFTPOS, Visa and Mastercard payment is required on the day of consultation. We can send through your Medicare claim on your behalf, so that you can receive your rebate if you have registered your bank details with Medicare. Patient out-of-pocket expenses may be less if you have reached your Medicare Safety Net threshold.  

What to bring to your appointment 

1.    Usual medications: including creams/ointments, inhalers, nasal sprays, over-the-counter medication
2.    Past investigations and/or assessment reports
3.    Recent school reports (if relevant)
4.    Child’s health centre booklet containing height and weight measurements
5.    Photos or video recordings (if relevant)
6.    Your doctor’s referral (if we do not already have this on file)
7.    Medicare card

8.    Completed Patient Consent Form
9.    Completed Patient Registration Form (

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